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This memorial website was created in the memory of our Sweetgirl, Kayla Marie Dawn O'Flynn who was born in Langley, BC Canada on July 22, 1990 and passed away on July 14, 2005 at the age of 14. We will remember her forever...
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2015  / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)
Today is February 1st and I realize I have not posted since July 14, 2014...I do believe 2015 is going to be a STELLAR year - we have moved from Vancouver to Merritt since; supporting another family member who lost their son this fall, made it throu...  Continue >>
July 14 2014 ~ 9 years ago today....   / Kevin &. Suzette O'Flynn (Daddy & Mommy )
9 years ago today we all gathered around your side - one by one we shared our good-byes. You were an amazing young woman Kay~Marie...amazing older sister, the bestest friend, a loving grand-daughter, a wonderful niece and cousin and of course our FO...  Continue >>
Childhood memories   / Ashley Massey (Cousin)
I was sitting here today, and you popped into my head, and all the family memories we had together. Tattooing each other which you were one amazing artist, playing in the big feild where you guys lived in red bluff, picking all the raspberries and ea...  Continue >>
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!   / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)
Today should have been celebrating 22 years of life, Instead, a Celebration Life...14 years of memories... ~Kayla Marie Dawn O'Flynn~ July 22, 1990 - July 14, 2005  Gone, but not forgotten This pain, I cannot hide In memory, I...  Continue >>
2011  / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)
Today's date is Sunday January 9 2011.....a lot happened in 2010; we made it through yet another Christmas and I ring in this New Year still trying to sort out how to make things better in this life.  I know I can't bring you back.....I know I c...  Continue >>
Poem ~Where Are You Kay?~  / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)    Read >>
Kayla Marie Dawn O'Flynn, Our SweetGirl  / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)    Read >>
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Kayla / Lani &. Kelly (Aunt & Uncle )    Read >>
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To my Sweetgirl, Kayla ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  / Suzette O'Flynn (Mommy)    Read >>
Angels / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)     Read >>
walking together  / Vanessa Foley (My bestfriend )    Read >>
Forever In Our Hearts  / Misty MacRae (Friend)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Kayla Marie Dawn O'Flynn - 7-14-1990 to 7-14-2011  

We may not have your traditional legacy; I believe the Legacy that Kayla leaves is:

Be kind to yourself

Love life to it's fullest

Love everybody no matter who they are where they came from or what they look like whether rich or poor ~ preferrably the less fortunate




Do something good each day - share a smile a hug or a handshake; give to the less fortunate - food or spare change - you never know when you might be in that position

Help people and expect nothing in return....makes you feel good

Read a good book watch a good movie

Go for a walk

Our daughter loved people from all walks of life she never allowed nor put up with others speaking or treating others in a bad way; she always requested to share spare change with the less fortunate especially at Christmas; she enjoyed family gatherings and all the good food (with a pat of ketchup).  She was loved by everybody because of her kind heart!  If there is anything I learned from Kayla it was just that...

Love and miss you Sweetgirl....


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