Kayla O'Flynn
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Her legacy
Kayla Marie Dawn O'Flynn - 7-14-1990 to 7-14-2011  

We may not have your traditional legacy; I believe the Legacy that Kayla leaves is:

Be kind to yourself

Love life to it's fullest

Love everybody no matter who they are where they came from or what they look like whether rich or poor ~ preferrably the less fortunate




Do something good each day - share a smile a hug or a handshake; give to the less fortunate - food or spare change - you never know when you might be in that position

Help people and expect nothing in return....makes you feel good

Read a good book watch a good movie

Go for a walk

Our daughter loved people from all walks of life she never allowed nor put up with others speaking or treating others in a bad way; she always requested to share spare change with the less fortunate especially at Christmas; she enjoyed family gatherings and all the good food (with a pat of ketchup).  She was loved by everybody because of her kind heart!  If there is anything I learned from Kayla it was just that...

Love and miss you Sweetgirl....


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